Do you want to be a winner playing poker?

Do you want to be a winner playing poker?

You’ve probably seen the great winners of poker tournaments on television. You see them collecting their prize, generally consisting of thousands, if not millions of dollars, and they are hailed as stars of the game. Those moments are the most rewarding for any player, but you should know that behind those great winners there is neither luck, nor many times large amounts of money to invest in poker.Click here for situs qq.

Behind every great player there are many hours of effort, study and hard work, and also those hours have been accompanied many times by failures of great importance. All the great players have been disappointed. 

Two important ideas to be a winning player

Remember two fundamental ideas: the first is that you cannot always win, poker has a component that we owe to chance, and this can make us lose. The second is that you do not intend to become a millionaire, or win the world series in just three months by reading some strategies. Great players who have won poker tournaments have struggled to get where they are. The good thing about this is that if you make an effort, and you put effort into achieving your goals, you can become a professional player, and who knows if we will see you soon on television.Visit this site for situs qq. 

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Characteristics that a winner of poker tournaments must have

Contrary to popular belief, to win poker tournaments you don’t need to have a special gift or a certain psychological ability to know how to handle your rivals. This is a game of strategy, and strategy can be learned, improved. To become a winning player, it is essential that you know how to meet these criteria:

Accept the losing streaks

You are going to run into them sooner or later, and they will make you lose money, sometimes a lot of money. Great players overcome them without changing their game and knowing that in the long run they will win again.

Manage your banking well

Do not play crazy, if you have a $ 100 bankroll, do not play them in three $ 30 buy-in tournaments. Start with tournaments according to your banking level. A good criterion is not to pay a buy-in greater than 1/40 times your bankroll. (In the case of $ 100, you should not play tournaments with more than 2.5 dollars to buy).