Sic Bo was a Chinese pastime from hundreds of years ago. Only a few people outside Asia know this game. Waves of immigration brought it to various parts of the world. People in each new region localized the game to make it more acceptable to local players. There are now several Sic Bo variations. One thing they have in common is the use of three dice. They also have betting areas for wagering on the results of each throw.

Dai Siu

The name means Big Small and is common in Macau. The payout odds are tighter in Macau than in the United States and Australia. A winning bet on a selected Triple pays 150 to 1 in Macau. The common payout for this is 180 to 1. A successful bet on a Specified Total of 4 or 17 in other regions pays 60 to 1. In Macau, the payout for this is only 50 to 1.


The name of this game came from its hourglass-shaped dice cage spun by the dealer. It has far worse odds than regular Sic Bo. There are five common bets in Birdcage.

Single number

A single number from 1-6.

Pays 1 to 1 for each occurence.


Three dice show the same value.

Pays 30 to 1.


The total value of the three dice is 11 or higher.

Pays 1 to 1.

Loses on triples.


The total value of the three dice is 10 or lower.

Pays 1 to 1.

Loses on triples.


The total value of the three dice is from 8-12.

Pays 1 to 1.

Other bets include Odd, Even, and Specific Total.


This is a simplified American version of ไฮโล. It is usually operated as a fundraiser for charities. Prizes are often toys or plush animals and not cash. There are no seats for this game so players stand to play. There is only one type of wager in the basic version of Chuck-a-Luck. A player bets on one of the six single numbers. It pays 1 to 1 for a single occurrence, 2 to 1 for two occurrences, and 10 to 1 if all three dice have the chosen number.

Grand Hazard

This is the British version of Sic Bo. It has a simplified table layout. Triple combinations, called Raffles, are in a column at the center of the table. Low and High betting zones flank them. The six Chuck numbers are at the top of the layout. Specified Totals are below.