He even has a special hat that he wears and a magnifying glass. Pokémon ポケモン, ... Rachid (Cilan), connu au Japon sous ... par le réseau Warner Brothers Network [7] sur Cartoon Network. 9 months ago Luna . Unova Stunfisk had first meet Cilan when he was fishing and caught Stunfisk just using a fishing rod. Cilan finally instructs Bonnie to press the red switch then later the blue switch. She's the elder sister … The Gym Leadersare Cilan, Chili, and Cress, who specialize in Grass, Fire, and Water-typePokémon, respectively. Seeking total revenge, Burgundy challenged Cilan to a battle to prove she was a better Connoisseur, putting Ash's Pokémon on the line. He also became panicked when it accidentally hits his Pansage with a single rock on its head while Dwebble was aiming a Slash attack at Ash's Pikachu. After Keldeo's battle against Kyurem, Cilan temporarily rode on Terrakion when the Full Court was collapsing. Ces deux frères jumeaux opèrent dans les Terres Sauvages à la recherche de trésors enfouis. At some point during their childhood, Cilan received a Pansage as his starter Pokémon and partner, while Chili and Cress received a Pansear and Panpour, respectively. Clemont and Cilan manage to stop the train and rescue Bonnie with the help of Clemont's special lure, his Aipom Arm, and Cilan's fishing skills. They are also good friends with each other. In BWS01, after parting ways with Iris, Cilan met up with Brock. Due to the type they each specialize in, it was the perfect job for them. He is a very mysterious trainer who shows up at random and inconvenient times and believes that all humans and Pokémon should be separated. Cilan is a Pokémon Connoisseur and Gym Leader from Unova. His connoisseur catchphrase is "It's evaluating time!". On the island, the group entered a Pokémon Sumo Tournament, which Cilan entered Pansage in. When one of his Pokémon evolves, Cilan was extremely delightful and very excited as he excitedly yells "And that means! After Dwebble retrieved its home, it decided to join Cilan and he happily captures it. Cilan served the role as the judge for his brothers' battles, and finally faced off as Ash's final opponent. Cilan had the pleasure of battling the Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet alongside Ash. Trainers who defeat Chili will receive the Trio Badge, along with TM83(Work Up). But when he arrives at the Striaton Gym, Ash is surprised to discover that there are, in fact, three Gym Leaders: a trio of brothers named Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Interestingly, Cilan's accent when speaking to Ash and Iris is much like Sonic. Pokémon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The plan was a success and the Dwebble urged to be a part of Cilan's team, who was happy to have it on board. He's patient and caring towards Ash and Iris, often offering them advice when they don't know what to do. There, he learned that Morana had defeated both Chili and Cress and threatened to take over the Striation Gym. Cilan served the role as the judge for his brothers' battles, and finally faced off as Ash's final opponent. Cilan is an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and former traveling partner of Ash Ketchum. Cilan has competed in the following Pokémon competitions: From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Basculin's known moves are Water Gun, Bite, and Aqua Tail. Cilan and Pansage are both partners and very close friends. Anecdotes []. Cilan has many hobbies, including Fishing, Movies, Science, and playing detective. Cilanデント Dento After toying with Ash for a bit, Cilan reveals that he, along with his brothers Chili and Cress, are the Gym Leaders at the Striaton Gym. 3 Cilan: 60% Cilan, along with his brothers, is a Gym Leader, so it’s no surprise that he has a pretty good track record when it comes to winning battles. He, like his brothers, often speaks about Pokémon in relation to their element; in Cilan's case, leaves and herbs. At some point during their childhood, Cilan received a Pansage as his starter Pokémon and partner, while Chili and Cress received a Pansear and Panpour, respectively. Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures. In Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!, shortly after arriving at Cynthia's villa in Undella Town, Cilan asked to battle Dawn as he wanted to evaluate a Pokémon that had been raised by a Coordinator. Cilan is the first gym leader to be encountered, but only if the player chose Oshawott at the start of the adventure. Cilan is a Grass-type Pokémon Trainer from the Pokémon series. After a heated battle with Cilan, which carried on to Dreams by the Yard Full!, Ash wins and gets the Trio Badge. Nintendo of America et Warner Bros. s'associent pour introduire la série télévisée aux États-Unis grâce à une campagne de publicité massive pour la télévision [8]. This left it unable to battle and he captured it. AshIrisBiancaProfessor JuniperStephanLukeProfessor OakCynthiaDawnCameronVirgilNLookerAlexaBrockClemontBonnie But he does more than just play as he was able to draw conclusions and come up with ideas in order to find the missing Audino in Where Did You Go, Audino?. The streets of Castelia City were not too crowded. Situés à la Prairie Entre-Ponts, ils sont capables de déterrer des objets en échange de 500 Watts. While he has been shown to lose his temper, he quickly moves on and will go out of his way to make up for it. He also wears a green bow-tie, which corresponds with his hair, eye color, and his specialization in Grass-type Pokémon. After the incident, they finally released Eelektross into the water way before proceeding through the Prism Tower. They accept, and the triple match is under way. It is later revealed that they were given the shared job to help teach newer Trainers about type advantages. He always receives complements from Ash, Iris and the Pokémon. Years later, Cilan and his brothers became the Striaton Gym Leaders while also running a café together. Cilan grew up with two brothers, Chili and Cress, in their hometown of Striaton City. Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! She has a specific set of Pokemon, and won't change them for the world. Cilan showed off some of his skills as a fisherman in Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!, where he fished a Stunfisk out of a lake that was preventing Ash and Oshawott from retrieving a water herb that would heal their poisoned Pokémon, using a lure that resembled himself. As such, he chose to travel with Iris on the Magnet Train and then set forth to the competition once in Johto. Even though Ricard's Premium Brand was the Pokémon of Cilan's phobia, a Purrloin, Cilan remained victorious. Clefairy tries to instigate a fight between the brothers, but fails on many occasions. Cilan's latest appearance is in the special episode of the XY series, The Ultimate Duo! He is also an excellent chef who always prepared food for the group. In Jostling for the Junior Cup!, Cilan entered the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup. . He also helped a little girl named Marigold select her partner Pokémon, a Foongus in Clash of the Connoisseurs!. Sandra d'Ébènelle, Roy de Kickenham, Watson et Iris sont tous les quatre les huitièmes Champions de leur Ligue utilisant des Pokémon Dragon. The Striaton Brothers and You. While Cilan explains about the automaton train, Bonnie eventually enters the empty train much to their horrible shock as the train moves and Clemont tries to chase it but fail. In addition to being a connoisseur, Cilan is also a subway expert — a position which he dubs a "Metro Connoisseur." He was able to easily able to defeat Chili's Pansear with his Pansage which provoked a fight between the High Temp Pokémon and its Trainer. In Lost at the Stamp Rally!, Cilan competed in the Subway Bosses' Stamp Rally for a chance to battle either Ingo or Emmet. Arriving at the control room, the managers tells them that the controls of the train are malfunctioning and most trains are moving by itself. Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom, Black—Victini and Reshiram, https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/w/index.php?title=Cilan_(anime)&oldid=3294849, อภินันท์ ธีระนันทกุล, Rough transcription of his Japanese name. He wears a long sleeved white shirt under a black waistcoat with two large gold buttons. He also captured a Stunfisk while Ash also captures a Palpitoad while trying to get a weed as an antidote to remove the poison for their Pokémon. It was revealed that his first opponent would be Trip and their battle began in the next episode. Cilan appeared again in XYS06. After seeing that her "Air Battle" system was only trusting in type match-up, when she told him that she was going to win, he put his efforts after his previous experiences where types didn't tell the outcome of the battle. and Battle For The Underground!, Cilan revealed he had an extensive knowledge of trains, and had once met Emmet and Ingo at a train convention. He also decided to start anew as a Connoisseur. Pokémon is a media franchise created by video game designer Satoshi Tajiri that centers on fictional creatures called Pokémon.As of 2020, there have been 23 animated films and one live action film.The first nineteen animated films are based on the anime television series of the same name, with the original film being remade into the 22nd. After the incident, both Brock and Cilan parted ways and he nearly forgot to introduce his name to him much like the latter did before him. He also helped his brother Chili find his own battle style. While traveling, Cilan meet Burgundy again as she became a Connoisseur herself. Voice actors: As one of three Gym Leaders of the Striaton City Gym in Pokémon Black and White, he shares duties with his brothers, Chili and Cress.Including awarding the Trio Badge to trainers who defeat him. Farewell, Unova! Chili told him that he came to view the progress of his studying and immediately asked him for a battle to which Cilan accepted. He shows not only an amazing amount of knowledge regarding subways and every detail related, but also takes pure delight in the efficiency and the overall control of the subway. Before traveling with his friends, Cilan ran the Striaton Gym and a restaurant with his brothers which showed how close they are as siblings. Character information They later send out Pansage and Chespin to battle an Eelektross who had been causing the subway problems, before realizing it was lost and sick from electrical overcharge. Rocko and Soren soon caught themselves a Corphish and Buizel, respectively, and immediately started working on new battle combinations. Cilan knows if there is no control in all trains this cause a big accident. This was demonstrated when his Dwebble evolved into Crustle after it was struggling to keep up from a Gust attack from Jessie's Woobat, especially its newly learnt Rock Wrecker move when it was unleashed to attack Woobat by surprise. Cilan first meet Crustle as a Dwebble when he with his friends saw it make its home. Cilan's fear of Purrloin and refusal to talk about what happened is another similarity to Brock in regards to the latter part, as Brock has never revealed what happened between himself and Professor Ivy. When Cilan reveals that he would like to visit the Prism Tower, Clemont and Bonnie agree to accompany him there. Cilan accepted the battle, as well as responsibility for whatever might happen to Ash's Pokémon as a result of the battle, much to Ash's dismay. After introducing their Pokémon to Ash, he and his brothers were shocked to hear he wanted to battle all of them, but they happily accepted his offer. As a Pokémon Connoisseur, he can read into people's personalities and often finds the best ways to approach them. Cilan is an empiricist. He was an abusive Pokémon Trainer who abandoned his Tepig due to being too weak by his standards, who eventually joined Ash Ketchum as one of his Pokémon in his Unova team. After Pansage's recovery, Cilan used it again to battle Gyarados who is now in rampage and to see this Gyarados was previously injured as well. On Cilan's suggestion, the three decide to take the subway to the tower, but Bonnie ends up boarding a runaway train alone. Despite their rivalry, Cilan has been nothing but nice to Burgundy, although she gets upset with him for it but does show some respect for him sometimes. Chili battles the player if Snivyis the chosen starter Pokémon. This led them to the home of Professor Icarus, a scientist in UFO engineering who Cilan admires. He also wears black straight trousers with a black belt, a white apron (when cooking or inside the Gym), and flat brown shoes with golden buckles like his brothers do. Trainerswho defeat them receive the Trio Badge. They chase the moving train, both remembered Ash when he shows his bravery, determination and risking his life on the line to save his Pokémon. All of them traveled with addition of Alexa. He is also a Boxed Lunch Connoisseur. Although they don't have much of a relationship, Cilan and Stunfisk do care about each other. The Shadow Triad were once rumored to be the Striaton City Gym Leaders Cilan, Cress, and Chili. Along with Chili, he first makes his appearance when Cilan brings Ash to the Gym where he then proceeds to take his drink order. He chose to use his Pansage against Dawn's Piplup, and was surprised to see his strategies being countered and used against him. Cilan later appears in person at the Striaton Gym with his brothers. Burgundy instantly recognized Cilan, who stated that he had defeated her in a Gym battle sometime before meeting Ash. Browse through and read or take cilan stories, quizzes, and other creations . Also, Cilan is a skillful cook, fisher, and knows a lot about Pokémon battles while being a good battler as well, especially being a Gym Leader. Chili (brother)Cress (brother) Setting Sail for New Adventures!, Cilan, Ash, and Iris traveled to the Decolore Islands as a means to travel to Ash's home in Pallet Town. After doing some shopping, Cilan and Iris found Ash in a different Connoisseur shop belonging to a C-Class Connoisseur named Burgundy. Cilan and Clemont drives through the subway trolley to find Bonnie inside the train while Clemont uses his Aipom Arm to pull the switch. Your best friend of the 3 is Chili, but he has a crush on you. He collected all of the stamps except for one, though regardless, the Subway Bosses agreed to have a Tag Battle against Cilan and Ash as thanks for saving the Nimbasa Subway network from Team Rocket earlier. Upon unleashing its Crush Claw, Cilan prompts to release Pansage to team up with Clemont's Chespin to unleash their Vine Whip. He chose Dwebble to go up against Trip's Gurdurr. The Striaton Gym(Japanese: サンヨウジムSanyou Gym) is the official Gymof Striaton City. Although they each got their Gym Leader job individually, they were assigned to one Gym. After a heated battle with Cilan, which carried on to Dreams by the Yard Full!, Ash wins and gets the Trio Badge. Cilan (デント Dent) was one of Ash's traveling companions in the Pokémon Black & White anime and returns as a traveling companion once again in the Pokémon Light & Darkness anime third season along with his brothers, Chili and Cress. In Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?, it was revealed that Cilan also has a fear of Purrloin. As the group was seeing Burgundy off, Cilan stepped forward and offered a few words of encouragement to his new rival, who still swore revenge on him and ran off. Cilan's English voice actor, Jason Griffith is best known for voicing the main protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog and his rival and anti-hero, Shadow the Hedgehog in the anime, Sonic X and the late 2000s of the Sonic video game series until 2010 where he was replaced by both Roger Craig Smith and Kirk Thornton respectively as their current voices in English in later Sonic games. Cilan tends to use the phrase "It's time!" Pansage won in the beginning round, but was eventually defeated. With no luck, the group approached the Dwebble with empathy, but this only scared it and caused it to lash out at their Pokémon. Whenever his partner was in trouble, Cilan would be there to help or save Pansage and he would do the same for him. During Gym battles in the dub, he will use the phrase, "It's time for the battle to be served!" Cilan battled and lost to Ash Ketchum when the young trainer challenged his gym. Upon reaching into the train, they discovered the hole in the wall until someone manage to move the train by itself. Later when Team Rocket had stolen all of the Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, Cilan used his knowledge to become a major asset for Emmet and Ingo and help rescue the stolen Pokémon. They part ways after the tournament they enter was done. Cilan served the role as the judge for his brothers' battles, and finally faced off as Ash's final opponent. He was intrigued to see an Axew and remarked that it and Iris seemed to be perfect partners. After losing to Ash in their Gym battle, Cilan asked a lot of question about his methods of raising his Pokémon and battle strategies as he was impressed with them. Cilan is a connoisseur in a lot of things — which amazes a lot of people, except for Iris, who gets annoyed sometimes. Both Stephan and Georgia have been impressed by Cilan's evaluating skills and even Burgundy acknowledges his skill as an A-class connoisseur (although she would never admit it out loud). In addition to his Gym Leader duties, he is also an A-class Pokémon Connoisseur, capable of seeing the compatibility and closeness between Pokémon and their trainers. He attempted to capture a reowned wild Gyarados , using Pansage in battle but the Gyarados deeply injured it. Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City Gym. Growing up, Cilan and his brothers would practice their partners moves. Cilan respect Dawn both as a Pokémon Coordinator and a good friend. Years later, Cilan and his brothers became the Striaton Gym Leaders while also running a café together. In Farewell, Unova! By the end of the episode, however, neither were introduced to each other or knew that Ash was a mutual friend of theirs. Cilan was amazed to see the tower in sunset and they are reminded of someone they wanted to meet as a friend. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Pokemon Chili Cress ... You are childhood friends with Cilan, Cress and Chili, but you have a crush on Cress. The Gym Leaders tell Ash he can choose one of them to battle, but that isn’t enough for Ash—he wants to challenge all three! He even demonstrating his evaluation skills for fishing method much to Clemont's surprise and also dislikes Clemont's love of science to which Clemont tries to be defensive and wants to know who he is. After his Pansage recovered from its fever, Cilan made a bait for the three Dwebble using his Pokémon food, allowing Dwebble to attack each of them one by one. After defeating her, she told Cilan that she will win next time and departed. After his defeat by Ash, he decided to join the young trainer and Iris on their journey through the Unova region. Cilan had actually remained in Castelia City. Impressed by Ash's fighting style and spirit, he joins Ash on his journey after asking him a humongous amount of questions about his experience raising in Pokémon. Shamus, also known as Suwama in Japanese is a minor antagonist in the Pokémon: Best Wishes anime season. Being a Gym Leader, Cilan is adept in battling his challengers and always aim to impart knowledge to challengers. The brothers trained together and opened the Striaton City Gym together when they were 17 years old. The battle was eventually interrupted by Meloetta. _____ゲットでグッドテイスト!, Our 2020 Holiday Season Contests have begun, Click here to check out how you could win a share in some amazing prizes. Little did he know, Cilan left Burgundy hurt and decided to get even with him. He was able to defeat Flora in the first round, but lost to Stephan in the second, much to Burgundy's delight. He is also shown to be an excellent detective. After the battle, Cilan meets up with Ash at the Pokémon Center and begs him to tell him his battle secrets for future reference as a Connoisseur. Cilan didn't look as bad as Cress had told him on the phone. After introducing their Pokémon to Ash, he and his brothers were shocked to hear he wanted to battle all of them, but they happily accepted his offer. The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk! Debut: In order to protect the Gym, Cilan battled her Abomasnow with Pansage. Clemont and Cilan! Region: Cilan also met Brock who is now a Pokémon Doctor-in-training whom Ash and Dawn previously mentioned him on their journey. He tripped over it, and without a Pokémon to protect himself, he suffered a long and furious Fury Swipes from that Purrloin, which made him look slightly different from his brothers.
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