October 28, 2021


Reverse line movement is a term that has become a recent trend in sports betting. Advanced bettors track line movement and they try to catch an anomaly. A sportsbook may move the line in the opposite direction of what actually makes sense. This is what these advanced bettors are after. In short, reverse line movement contradicts the public betting percentages.

Advanced bettors study the lines and their movement. They try to discover these rare occasions of a situs judi bola moving the line. They will then bet them to take advantage of them.

Reason for setting reverse line movements

Sportsbooks earn by attracting close to even amounts of money on both sides of a game. They can take their commission from there. For example, there is a total of $55,000 worth of bets on Green Bay and another $55,000 worth of bets on New England. No matter who covers the spread, sportsbooks will only pay $50,000 of the winnings and keep the $5,000.


Line movement

Achieving a perfect 50/50 split on a game is not easy. That is one of the reasons why sportsbooks move the lines. They have to make adjustments for supply and demand. It is like what happens in the stock market. When people are buying, there is a high demand for stock and the price goes up. They start dumping it when they no longer want to hold on to that stock and the price then goes down. For example, there is a total of $110,000 worth of bets on Green Bay and none on New England. Sportsbooks will need New England to win to avoid serious trouble. What they do is move the line to avoid great financial liability. They will move from +2.5 to +3 or even +3.5 if people are not betting on New England. They will continue to move it until bettors see enough value on New England and bet on them.

Bettors can now use various tools to check the percentage of bets on each side. Some sportsbooks take sharp action so you should always pay close attention. There are some who cater to less-informed recreational players. Sportsbooks also move a betting line because of other factors. These include injuries and changes in personnel or weather. A lot of people look at reverse line movement as a shortcut to handicapping. You should keep in mind that there are actually no shortcuts in sports betting.