Day: September 22, 2020

Play Virtual Games In Mobile Version

Play Virtual Games In Mobile Version

Playing online has different options. You can have web-based gaming, mobile-based gaming, and desktop-based gaming. All these gaming versions offer a safe gaming field according to the site where you are joining. Yes, it depends on the gaming site where you are joining in, it is because most of the gaming sites simply provide games without guaranteeing the security of the players, But, it is different in best10 gaming, both web-based and mobile-based versions of the game offer safe and fair play gameplay. So, either you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you will have a fair play and smooth game field here.

The safe full mobile version file

One of the most threatening online activities is to play games using an APK file or .exe file. Why? The fact that these files need to download, it will be installed in the desktop and mobile system. So, you are risking your smartphone or desktop here. It might be possible to cause a virus or spyware from the downloaded file. But, not with the best10 as it offers a safe game file for both web-based and mobile-based versions of the game. So, players can easily and safely download both .exe and APF file without any virus and spyware threat.


The most reliable live gaming experience

When speaking about live gaming, players wondered how it takes place. Now, for online games beginners, live gaming is real and you will be playing against real players. So, you can be sure that you will never be cheated nor get fooled. All the players are real online players and you will be playing against live players. Chances like you can see them live, play them live, and watch them how they play. Meaning, there is no difference between playing live and in the physical casino, regardless of playing it virtually. The fact that the game is made possible with your gadget and the internet connection, there is nothing more complicated than that.

All the players will have a safe gaming experience at the convenience of their homes. Plus, what makes it more interesting is the experience of playing games based in Sweden. So, it is something like you have traveled to the place and experienced how their game offers exciting gameplay, thrill, and bunches of bonuses and rewards. Like any other game field online, the gaming site is also licensed and is permitted to operate online where players from different parts of the world can participate.

What Makes Domino99 A Great Online Casino Website?

What Makes Domino99 A Great Online Casino Website?

Casinos, in general, are plenty to come around. All the more when you consider the abundance of online casino versions scattered across the internet. The problem with this high number of casinos is that it will make the market feel overly saturated. This would make the people feel less special when going to one casino over the other. In addition, it would make most casinos feel obsolete when it comes to their marketing strategy. Not to mention the number of viruses and scams scattered across other questionable online casinos.

That is why the best are only a few and far between. One of those said bests is none other than Indonesia’s popular Domino99 online casino website. This online casino has everything that you could ever want in terms of both entertainment and security features. Here is what makes Domino99 a great online casino.

Honest and Fair High Win Rate

We go to online casinos to escape all the annoying people in our lives to simply play and win some money. The problem with this is that most online casinos don’t even pay out often enough. This leaves people feeling like they are automatically cheated on when it comes to having a fair game.


That is something that the people at Domino99 is constantly monitoring. They want the players to know that the games are fair and balanced. This even goes to the point where you can see the actual win rate and win odds for people to take advantage of. All of that was made just for you to have actual fun and fair time playing for longer periods.

Do note that although you have a fairly higher win rate, does not mean that you would automatically win. This will still take some time, effort, and a lot of luck to actually make successful.

No Bots, No Admins

The thing that makes online casinos terrible is the inclusion of bots in both the service and the players. They would normally use bots to populate online casinos or game lobbies to make the match start faster. This would eliminate the need for long waiting periods but would also ruin the game by having computers play.

The problem with bots is that they can be programmed to cheat. Since they are a machine built for the specific purpose of gambling, why wouldn’t it know the next cards?

That is why this online casino website made sure to remove all traces of bots and admins on all their games. This would make it one of the few online casinos that use full peer-to-peer only gaming for both safety and fair play.